Beneath the stobie pole

Beneath the stobie pole.

There’s no need to wander far from one’s home to find mystery. Out the front beneath the stobie pole we found an empty open briefcase. What was the story behind this find? Normally the rubbish you would find consists of burger wrappers and drink containers. This was far more interesting and not the first unusual thing to be found at the base of our stobie pole. Only last week of all things, a dead possum lay there.

Could they be connected? Had this briefcase once been owned by our dead possum?

So here’s my theory the possum was on his way to a meeting and nestled in that briefcase were plans for the takeover of our house . You see the possums would eat the fruit on our trees and party upon our tin roof.We had been quite tolerant, but when they got inside the roof a line had to be drawn.

 So we called in an expert, his name was Possum Jack. The first thing he said  was mate in this job you’ve got to think like a possum. He set about and blocked the holes. That night the possums returned.Unable to get back in our roof made them very cross so they scraped and pulled and broke their way  back in. Jack returned and  said this doesn’t surprise me they always put up a fight, but don’t worry i’ll win this possum War,  I always do. 

Reinforcements were applied, now the blighters won’t get in.  That was that,  no more access inside our roof for these pesky possums. So we will never know what the possums planned to do, or how that possum came to his demise. Maybe it was a warning to the possum tribe don’t mess with humans. This war could have been avoided if those rascally possums had kept their social distance instead of partying on our roof. 

So that’s my tall tale told, i’ll write again next time I look beneath the stobie pole.

Andrew Ballard 



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