Make it right

I’m not indigenous

                             but I care about their rights 

I’m not a refugee 

                             but I care about their plight 

so to all politicians 

                             and members of the human race 

I don’t care if you’re 

        centre left             


                                                          centre right 

                    we all have a moral obligation 

                          to fellow human beings 

if you don’t like what I say 

                                         that’s not a bad thing 

                        it means we’re not robots 


with all the diversity

                                                 and difference of opinion 

                          one thing doesn’t change 

                 All Humans deserve dignity and respect 

          So I’m not indigenous  

                                                         or a refugee 

                  I’m Australian  

                                        and with heavy heart I say 

           to all politicians and members of the human race 

                                 ‘it’s a sorry sight 

so lift your game 

                                                         and make it right’

Andrew Ballard 



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