My head aches

My head aches

it’s ached for a long time

singing a hymn

two decades ago

came pain in my head

doubled over 

daggers in my belfry

blood pressure, headed for the moon

three days in hospital

scanned, lumbar punctured, vitals monitored

day three, I still had my vitals, and my headache

homeward bound, diagnosis unknown

twenty years later

headache lingers on

visits daily

accompanies me to bed

dull to bearable

roars to quite terrible

we now know, I have a rare disease

so that’s ok we know the cause

just pause

this is my headache, I’ll say when and if it’s ok

my life is bearable 

considering my head’s, not the only thing in pain

credit goes to those I love

and my marvellous medical team

headache, and pain wannabes 

get behind me

I have some life to live.


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