Pain lives at my place

Pain lives at my place

Pain lives at my place with me

it’s there when I wake up 

sometimes, it’s what wakes me up 

pain follows me around 

when I visit your place, it arrives with me

pain comes in many forms

neuropathic pain in your nerves

visceral pain in your guts

musculoskeletal pain in your bones and muscles

cutaneous pain in your skin

occipital neuralgic pain in your neck

migraine pain in your head

political pain in your butt

there’s more to this list, but I’m sure you get the gist

pain that is acute is actually ok 

it’s part of our body’s defence mechanism 

to let us know all is not well

however chronic pain 

that lingers forever, is an entirely different thing

pain comes with all its friends




brain fog



and like all its friend’s, pain is invisible

pain is not understood by many

including the medical profession

when a doctor writes on his pad

idiopathic pain

It’s greek for no bloody idea

beware the kind-hearted friends, 

who ask, are you better today

pain has pathways and mine are jammed open

the pain throttle in my head is stuck on full

tired out neurons with faulty connections 

fail to deactivate

pain, therefore, is my constant companion 

but it will never be my friend.


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