Trouble at Sea

Showing no sign of remorse, he stood holding the knife still dripping with blood. Late afternoon sun glinting in his eyes, he hurled the knife over the ship’s railing into the turbulent wake.

He had waited for this last night at sea to settle the score.

To the passers-by he appeared a round set middle aged man with a sprinkle of grey dappled through his hair. 

He strode along the deck, head held high, stepping into the bridge whereupon an ensign cried “Captain’s on the bridge!”. 

“Steer 180 degrees and full steam ahead” the Captain commanded, “and advise the passengers to have passports ready to stamp”. Musing to himself he thought there’s one passenger not going to enjoy the next port. Below deck a naked man stood shivering looking at the mess that had been his cabin.

To cuckold the captain, had been his downfall. What should’ve been a one night stand, had gone on too long.

The Captain had stormed into the cabin brandishing a knife and at that moment he thought he was going to die.

“Take off all your clothes” barked the Captain. Terrified the man obeyed. As he stood naked and trembling, the Captain came closer, hissing, “Now I’ll have your manhood”. 

The man was consumed with dread and his bladder let go, hot liquid cascading down his legs. Instead the Captain turned his attention to destroying everything the man owned, clothes were slashed and passport torn up. In his frenzy the knife slipped and he swore as he took a slice from his own finger. As the Captain left the cabin he muttered, “Go near her again and you’ll be dead”.

Later that night on the bridge the first officer remarked “What a glorious night to be at sea”. The Captain replied, “Yes I love life on the high seas and I’d not switch for a single thing”.

Back below deck the captain’s wife climbed out from under the bunk. Straightening her clothes she said “I think I’ll take my leave”.

Andrew Ballard 



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